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Like our furry pals, we're an inquisitive bunch. I you have a question not covered below, please email

Leather's a natural material; suitably strong, softens with wear, and provides ultimate comfort. Leather's natural durability means our dog collars and leads can last a lifetime, and like you best mate, will become more refined with age.

Our furry friends are known for their vivacity. An extra wide collar disperses pressure over a wider area preventing injury with added comfort. 

Hailing from the traditional hound collar the contoured design offers form and function; easing strain on the neck and glamorous coats.

We consciously subscribe to sustainable business and have chosen natural materials for our products and packaging to ensure we leave our planet fit for a dog. 

Our collars and leads are even more beautiful in life. We've partnered with high-end fashion and lifestyle stockist where you can view and purchase our products. Find a retailer near you here.

We've added a handy size chart and measuring guide to help you find the right size for your furry friend. View our size guide here.

We recommend you view our easy size chart and measuring guide here. But if you find your collar isn't the right size for your dog, email to arrange a no-expense exchange. See our exchange guide here.

Our collars and leads are made from natural materials that will withstand dog life, and that like you best mate, will become more refined with age.

However, to keep your collar and lead look as fancy as the day they arrive, and that they last a lifetime, we recommend you follow our easy product care guide here.

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