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Leather dog collar in blush pink - Ollie & James
Leather Dog Collar in Ink - OLLIE & JAMES
Leather Dog Collar in Sable - OLLIE & JAMES
Leather dog collar in camel tan - Ollie & James

Designer Dog Collars

We love our doggos and they deserve to look as fabulous us, but sometimes you need a little more than a glossy coat and peppy paws to turn heads.

Ollie & James dog collars are a statement of style. Made from genuine leather in on-trend hues and paired with polished gold hardware, our collars are fabulously-understated.

Why a Wider Collar?

Our dog collars are a contemporary take on the traditional tampered hounds style collar. Not only as the wider collar is style-statement, but also for functionality.

Wide collars are great if you regularly walk your pooch on a leash. The larger surface area of these collars helps to distribute tension evenly across the neck area, lessening the chance of injury, and making sure your pal's luxury coat stays just that.

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